Is creativity a gift or a talent to be developed?

«Creativity is much more than having "good ideas" from time to time, it is a process that involves certain stages that allow us to shape new possibilities in our reality....»

What is Creativity?

Being ¨creative¨ does not mean creating something from scratch, it is more about combining and reordering information that There is already so giving it a new unimagined application, implying a challenge of learning to "connect the dots " that if the belief patterns are not changed , it is not possible to specify it.

This book will provide you with guidelines and tools, in 11 master keys that you can implement in these times of pandemic. ;-)


in times of pandemic

Many times we hear that "crises are opportunities", but to understand in depth this assertion is necessary to change the focus of how we see the context, so we can notice the ways that allow us to undertake what we think of as "the new" and we want to manifest in our universes, especially in these moments of post-pandemic when the attention has been "weakened" and it is key to reestablish.

This book Best Seller on Amazon at its launch! in its Spanish version will provide you with the 11 keys to develop your creative potential that you can implement in your daily life and discover a new universe of possibilities that will propel you towards the ¨Singularity of Being¨, since we can understand ¨creativity¨ as a key to a new state of consciousness that connects us with infinite alternatives, this requires reformulating the old patterns of ¨information and beliefs ¨ to enhance the creative process in all its dimension.

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Format: eBook

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Launch in English: December 12, 2021

Edition: Millenium Books

ISBN: 978-987-88-0616-7

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Andrés Giménez

A book that reflects all your Magic Khristian!!

Tools for daily living

Stella Vargas

I am happy to acquire this book, because Kristian is a great teacher, with an immense wisdom, which gives us many tools for daily living
Stella Vargas

Spirituality and Creativity

Nancy Sanclemente

The book is a masterful and fundamental piece to awaken the consciousness of our Creativity or our Being as Co-creators ! The mastery of knowing how to combine spirituality with creativity has seemed to me a world with an expansive and fascinating perspective! It is an excellent book 100% Motivational! Now Best Seller on Amazon!

An already Amazon Bestseller book on its Spanish release!!

Rafael Ortuñez García

Undoubtedly ¨Creativity in times of pandemic¨ is an instruction manual to get through this great crisis, beyond a ¨resistance¨, but to find and develop the opportunities that are there!!! and to assume ourselves as authentic co-creators. Thank you for this new delivery that comes with ¨Toolbox¨ included and with training guidelines. Once again you demonstrate with your example and with concrete facts what you transmit. Congratulations!!

A book that connects you with your creative side

Ana Calero

"Creativity in times of pandemic" is a book that helps you to create your reality in a world full of difficulties. It gives you tools to build "that initial idea" and realize that Time is Art. Thank you Khristian!